20 Trailblazers Are Leading The Way In Van Hook Lock

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Buying a Van Lock

If you have been contemplating buying a brand new van lock, there are a variety of alternatives available to pick from. It doesn't matter if you need a hook lock, deadlock, or an anti-peel kit there is a lock to meet your requirements.

Viro Van Lock

A Viro van lock is a security device that is designed to provide an additional layer of security to your van. It is equipped with a variety of features that will help secure your valuable cargo.

The Viro Van lock is the highest-quality model. It is a unique design that is versatile and functional. It is a perfect fit for both side sliding doors as well as rear wing doors.

The Viro Van lock also has an anti-scratch rubber seal. You can be confident that your cargo will be protected in transit thanks to this sturdy piece of equipment.

Although the Viro van Lock isn't the most secure, it is a solid piece. It can also be easily integrated into any master-key system. Moreover, it is an efficient unit that will last for years to be.

If you are looking for a top-quality, versatile lock that can be used to deter the opportunistic and the determined thieves, the Viro Van Lock is your best bet. The Viro Van Lock is a plethora of lock that can be used to protect your cargo, regardless of whether you are replacing your van locks or upgrading the security of your cargo.

Also, be sure to shop around for the best price on the product. Prices can differ based on the area where you live, therefore it is best to get estimates from several companies.

While there is no foolproof security solution, a well-built lock can be a great way to secure your vehicle. A good insurance policy will ensure that you are not locked out of your car.

ULTI Lock Hooklock

The van hook lock by ULTI Lock offers a higher level of security than any other product. This is because it uses an anchor bolt that is hooked around a locking cylinder in order to keep it firmly in place. It was the first van hook lock to be certified as meeting the Sold Secure Gold Standard.

Apart from providing greater security, the ULTI Lock is also more cost-effective. Sold Secure, the UK's most trusted testing and certification agency, recommends it.

As opposed to the brass locks that are found in the majority of commercial vehicles, hook locks are more durable and drill-resistant. Additionally, the bolt's claw-style locking mechanism makes it more difficult to beat.

Despite their reputation as an additional security feature they are not included on every van. There are however many brands that offer hook locks.

Among the most popular are Hooklok Pro(r) and Ultilock. They are also the most popular van door Transit locks. These products feature a 20mm hook and a bolt with a laminated design. Both are based on the Vanlok(r) key system.

The L4V T Series van deadlocks provide commercial vehicles with the highest security. They are constructed of stainless steel that has been powder coated, and include an egress hook lock and the locking cylinder.

For added security For greater security, the T Series deadlock for vans has a solid nickel silver bow. It cannot be picked from inside, and will not be able to open when the key is turned.

The L4V Anti-Peel Kit can also be used to prevent the door from peeling when closed. These features all work together to provide maximum security for your commercial vehicle.

When it comes to purchasing a van lock it is crucial to look through prices to find the most affordable price. A premium deadlock can cost PS20 or more, but may not be appropriate for your particular vehicle. The price of a hook lock can differ from one brand to the next.

L4V Deadlock

The deadlock for the van hook lock, L4V, is among the most desired van security upgrades. This deadlock is made from solid nickel silver and offers the highest security.

These locks are compatible with almost all commercial vans. They offer an extra layer of security and are easy to set up.

These locks are a common upgrade for nearly all van manufacturers. They add an extra security layer, acting as a visual deterrent for potential thieves.

Owner-drivers will also appreciate hook locks. Their external keys provide the driver complete control.

Hook locks can be a valuable security addition to vans that have catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are an extremely popular target of thieves. It is much more difficult for thieves to gain access to Catlocs after you have put them in place.

There are a variety of brands and models of hook locks available with varying costs. The majority of them cost around PS130 but high-end models can cost as high as PS20.

A Hook Lock can be combined with a L4V Anti-Peel Kit to increase security. This stops the door from peeling when closed. A high-security key is required to open the door.

Another option is to install an electronic slamlock. While a slam lock can give additional security, it's best suited to situations where the driver is trusted. Slamlocks lock automatically after the driver shuts the door.

Hook locks are a common upgrade for van manufacturers in the UK. They add an additional layer of security and can be put on either the rear or side doors.

Hook locks are used in a variety of scenarios. They are perfect for drivers who are owners and owners, and also for industries where drivers need a secure lock.

L4V Anti-Peel Kit

L4V Anti-Peel Kits are an essential element of the van hook lock. They are designed to prevent the door from peeling off when it is closed. It holds the door in place using a strong bulkhead.

The anti-peel device is offered in stock for installers and for end users. It requires just a small number of rivets, and can be self-installed by the end user.

A 'peel and steal attack is a typical technique employed by thieves. This occurs when the gang applies pressure to the doors. When the door is opened, the thief is able to gain access to the inside of the vehicle.

These attacks can lead tradespeople lose their job and their livelihood. Thieves are able to steal thousands of pounds worth worth of goods and tools.

L4V T Series deadlocks provide the most secure method of locking your vehicle. Not only are they difficult to pick however, they also serve as a visual deterrent for thieves.

In addition to deadlocks also slam locks can be used for extra security. Slamlocks are perfect for couriers and multidrop drivers. However, they only offer only one protection.

Another type of lock, the Hook Lock, is an independent mechanical locking system which operates independently of the locking system used by the manufacturer. It is installed on either the door's rear or side.

There are many hook locks available on the market. Prices vary by manufacturer. Certain models are designed specifically for Ford Custom, others for other manufacturers. The cost ranges from PS20 to PS130 depending on the model.

If you're looking for additional security for your van then the L4V Slamlock could be a viable alternative. It can only be opened by using the key of the L4V Slamlock, unlike other locking systems.

LDS Van Security Locks

LDS Van Security Locks has been designing and building quality and cost effective solutions to safeguard your valuable possessions for years. It is essential to ensure that your keys are secure and safe regardless of what vehicle you drive regardless of whether it's a car, minivan, van or MPV, an SUV, Transit crossover, pickup truck or SUV. The best method to do that is to invest in a decent set of locks. This will not only safeguard your valuables, but will also help prevent theft. A quality set of locks can also help you save some money on insurance.

LDS Van Security Locks has a range of security products that will keep your data secure and sound, all day and night. You can be certain that you won't be lost on the road with the many security locks and security features that are offered for nearly all types of vans or pickup trucks. All of their products are manufactured according to ISO standards and you can be confident that your vehicle is as secure as you can, no matter the type of vehicle you use. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the low cost and high quality of their products. You'll also be happy to know that they're made in the UK and are shipped anywhere in the world!

In addition to their well-known range of van and car security systems, LDS has a full selection of bike and motorcycle security options that will allow you to rest secure knowing that your belongings are in safe hands. They're happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.


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